When is it time to rebrand?

When is it time to rebrand?

It is a great question! Just by raising the question, then in the back of your mind, you must know something isn’t quite right and something needs to change.

But what part needs to change? That is always the bigger question!

Some business owners might be cautious about the word ‘rebrand’. Particularly as it can be costly in execution, and sometimes even a culture change. But as they say, change is as good as a holiday - which can only mean positive things, like rebirth, renewal, refresh, changing the face of the business, changing how you market and pitch the business.

Below are 5 key things to consider - when considering rebranding.

1. The overall look and presentation is old and tired.

This is a very common question when businesses and brands have been around for a long long time. They get old, stale, and of greatest concern is that sometimes this is the perception left in the consumer’s mind. It can reflect that the business or brand is stuck in the past and not innovating, and/or catching up with the times. It may or may not require a full overhaul, but at least a more modern approach can retain the brand identity and values and bring it up-to-date. Look at brands like Shell, Holden, Qantas. All of these have done this over the years and have maintained their recognition while moving with the times.

beam-qantas-evolutionImage Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Qantas


Image Source: https://www.shell.com.ph/about-us/the-shell-brand.html

beam-holden-logo-evolutionImage source: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/341569952983028972/

Should your brand be showing its age - then its time to think about a rebrand.


2. Your business isn’t represented properly ie. your business has evolved but not your brand.

This is also quite a common situation. Where your logo, website and marketing materials are out there in the big wide world but they aren’t representing who and what your business stands for today. They are disjointed and therefore there is a disconnect.

This makes it very hard for internal marketers and sales teams to represent the brand. It’s also likely that your customers are confused and not really getting what your business or brand is about. Confusion is the enemy of any brand.

Also, think about the presentation. If your brand and marketing is presenting an image that is totally off the mark and not reflecting the who & what you are today.

Then YES - you need to rebrand.


3. Your business has changed markets and/or industries.

Over the years I’ve seen businesses ‘carry over’ logos from one business in one industry, and move it into an entirely new industry. Thinking, well I’ve paid for it - then I might as well re-use it.

Brand beware! Logos and brands are designed to represent a brand and its different audiences, their needs, their language & expectations – using a cookie-cutter approach is fuelled with concerns and risks.

If, for some circumstance that your business/brand is required to move to different industries, then it’s NOT time to consider a rebrand, because it’s a whole new audience and will require a completely new brand development & strategy.


4. Done, Dirt Cheap!

This is also quite common when businesses start out. They only have enough money to get what they need to get the business up and running. IE equipment, shop space, staff, products, etc.  And most of the time, the logo/brand is left until last. Or worse, there are no funds left to invest so it gets outsourced to a friend's teenage cousin or sites like 99designs, Fiverr or E-lancer.

What you end up with is a brand that means and represents nothing. Just words or a shape on a page. No brand with strategy, insights, purpose or personality. No brand for your customers to get behind. No purpose.  Just a graphic – that is unlikely to represent anything, nor will it be meaningful or memorable.

As soon as your business can afford it, YES it's time to invest in a proper rebrand by professionals who really understand branding and can bring your brand to life in meaningful and impactful ways.


5. The Big M!!! - Merger!

This mainly happens for larger firms. Where two companies merge under 1 new banner. Some businesses retain some form of the old logo/brand but often, it doesn’t work.

The challenge is 2 different teams, cultures, messages, marketing materials etc merging as one.

Aim to do the same justice for your new brand and entity in any merger. Generally, this should be an entire NEW brand rather than a rebrand.



If your business is asking these type of questions, then it's time to consider a rebrand or even an entirely new brand. And don’t let it linger on either - as it can do more harm than good. We recently conducted a survey on behalf of one of our clients about their brand identity - 80% of those interviewed agreed that their brand was tired, not modern, didn’t do their company any favours - needless to say, there was no question that a rebrand was necessary!


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