Is your website a dinghy or a trawler?!

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Since the inception of websites, we’ve seen so many businesses just design (or apply a template) and build a website, without understanding or caring about what is fundamentally needed and what its potential can achieve for businesses.

Most business owners want to have a website thinking that ‘everyone else has one’ so i must have one too. To a degree, that is correct, but it’s only half of the picture.

Rather than a website that acts as an online brochure, your website can be your 24/7 sales person. So many websites are developed on the ‘build it, & they will come’ mentality. That doesn’t work either.

So the difference to building a dinghy (brochure site) as opposed to a trawler (optimised site)? Well, a dinghy will only get you so far, with just a couple of small oars rowing at snail’s pace throughout the world-wide web. But by building a trawler - it’s not only designed to sail the high seas, but it’s also more importantly designed to trap and catch!

To catch those new leads, opportunities and new business. A trawler casts a wide net as should your website.

Below are 7 fundamental & easy ways to enhance your website, ensure its found online and ‘trap & catch’ new leads:

It’s not difficult to make your website more than an online brochure.

When a website is optimised with great content & calls to action, your website can be your 24/7 salesperson and attract and capture new leads to grow your business.

Don’t waste time and money by having a dinghy-type website that just cruises along. You’ll miss too many opportunities to catch.

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