Keeping your customers well informed in a time of crisis is so important and an absolute must

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Especially relevant if there are operational, service, production or logistic changes that are going to be different and if your business is mostly customer facing. How are you going to deal with servicing? Certainly best practice is to inform customers of how you'll do business in the short term – particularly during the COVID-19 virus situation.

Ensure your brand is an informer.

It's important to be in constant contact, either via regular E-news, statements and social media as well as instant communication like chatbots on your website. This will ensure your customers are well informed and can reach you to ask important questions around servicing, hours, products & sales, customer service without face to face or phone interaction.

Depending on what industry you are in, people are now having to re-think delivery and service alternatives to their business.

Some things some industries need to consider on are:

All of this has a knock on effect for staff and customers alike.

All communication will vary depending on your industry, how you deal with customers and suppliers daily, how your team interacts, how services are delivered, how products are handled and more...

So you need to be informing your customers daily or weekly, on day to day - for example;

These are all things business owners need to think about, but more importantly inform their customers about urgently. Especially around availability, operating hours, procedures, systems methods of dealing in a virtual environment, and how day to day dealings may change.

Ideally inform customers as quick as possible. Don’t leave customers, suppliers, distributors in the dark. Even if it’s to inform customers that it’s still ‘business as usual’. 

Remember it’s all about getting trusted information from a trusted source to your customers and suppliers. But also informing them of how ‘engagement’ may alter under these new circumstances. 

Make sure its part of your comms plan for your brand for the days & weeks ahead. Remember some communication is better than none.

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