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SEO, Social, Website Digital audit & Report

Get a snap shot of your digital performance for your website, social media, search engine performance, traffic and more...

Having a website is one thing. Having a performing website and social presence is totally another, as the latter will turn up the volume on brand visibility, awareness, engagement and drive conversions.

Our director Craig has over 20years+ experience - in design, websites, digital, inbound marketing and branding - will assess your site to get the best out of what is currently there and make recommendations for an improved design and user experience, increased conversions and more.

What we assess:

  1. Review your current SEO (search engine optimisation) status - both in build and keywords
  2. Assess the actual keywords and what is performing well and what isn't.
  3. Review the sites traffic and traffic sources (to see how your audience is coming to you and finding you)
  4. Review your inbound and data capture opportunities - to better convert your traffic into leads. Look at 'calls to action', download resources, chat bots etc to increase conversion levels
  5. Review the overall site design and user experience - provide guidance on how it can be better improved - for greater time on site and better conversion
  6. Review content and page flow. To ensure pages and content will resonate with your customers
  7. Assess your website on various devices to compare between desktop to tablet to mobile.
  8. Quick look at your social to see how that is cross feeding your site, for greater reach and website traffic

A report and Website RoadMap of actions to help improve your website and turn it into a 24/7 marketing machine and lead magnet for your brand!


BEAM Digital Audit = $899 inc GST

To book and pay for your Digital Audit - simply purchase below. Craig will contact you to book in a time and collect site details for us to assess.