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Marketing Road Map - Brand Strategy & Plan

When your brand or marketing is not working effectively, BEAM's Marketing Road Map will drive your brand's success. 

BEAM's Marketing Road Map sessions tackle your current challenges - your business goals, its marketing performance, and your brand's strength to help businesses develop a strategic Road Map - for ongoing brand strength and marketing performance.

We understand the frustration business owners can feel when their marketing investment isn't driving their brand or business forward.  We've saved many businesses and helped them build effective brands and business strategies that achieve great results and agreed business goals.

BEAM's 3-hour MARKETING ROAD MAP SESSION  will give great insights, strategic clarity and pave the way for your business and brand. Our two experienced directors, Natalie & Craig work with you to address your goals, your brand, your competitors and sales. 
BEAM has over 40+ years of successful marketing and branding experience across many industries including manufacturing, health, retail, finance, real estate, NFPs, government and more. 

Key Benefits of BEAM Road Map:

  1. Get big picture thinking of where your business is positioned in its market, how it appears against its competitors, how & what you can do quickly and longer term - to get a competitive advantage and perform. 
  2. Assessment of your current brand and marketing to uncover what works and what doesn't and how your brand and marketing can be improved
  3. Learn how to link your business goals to your marketing and sales 
  4. Learn how to stand out & differentiate in a crowded market
  5. Build a Strategic Plan to build results including branding, website, lead nurturing, PR, media, social and more. 
  6. Get expert tactics for better marketing performance - awareness, visibility, cut-through, leads and sales. 

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Comes with a complimentary website and keyword (SEO) assessment of your website.

Meet your Road Map facilitators


Natalie's 20+ years has seen her manage and drive many brands strategically in Health, FMCG, Manufacturing, Retail, NFP's and more. Natalie's background is ad agencies, strategic marketing, client services, media and content development. You can read more about NATALIE here.


Craig's 20 years+ background stems from design & print. Craig has seen it all - from the advent of digital design, website formation, social media and digital advertising and incorporates inbound marketing for lead gen, CRM's and more. Craig has a keen eye for the architecture and mechanics of effective brands from strategy to creative and implementation including IT. You can read more about CRAIG here.

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