Maximise your Sales & Marketing Results

Turning Great Marketing Campaigns into Real Sales Results.

Sales Synergy programs bring Marketing & Sales together for great results.
BEAM's Marketing campaigns are designed to create awareness and drive leads – while Sales Synergy programs will ensure your team are trained to help them convert opportunities into real sales for your business. 

BEAM has partnered with one of Australia’s leading Sales experts, David Hayward, to help our clients maximise their campaign and overall sales success.

Whether it’s to support new marketing campaigns, overall strategies or plans, Sales Synergy will make sure you maximise opportunities with a sure-fire sales system.


Sales Synergy will;

  • Ensure you and your team can maximise success of marketing campaigns
  • Improve selling skills of your team so you can convert opportunities that are driven to your website or lead gen system
  • Support you with sales plans, strategies & activities that will drive new sales into your funnel
  • Mentor & coach you and your team with skills development, scripts, objection handling, value exchange (managing price concerns) - so you can perform better, achieve sales success and business growth. 

Sales Synergy Options: 3 options available:

Option 1: Campaign Selling

Helping convert new campaigns into real sales. Ensure you team is fully briefed and able to capitalise on leads generated via campaigns. Skills, systems and more are developed to truly unite marketing and sales.

Option 2:  Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching Workshops - structured over 3 hours, 1 month or 3 month time frames. Available for individuals or teams. These workshops are dynamic and memorable - your team will motivated, up-skilled and effective. 

Option 3: Sales DNA

A comprehensive sales analysis that dives deeply into your sales systems, skills, strategies, tactics and helps you build a robust sales program that will help you build the perfect sales environment for success.




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Meet your Sales Coach


David is an internationally renowned Business Development Sales expert with 25+ years experience in helping businesses & people grow to their full potential. 

You can read more about David here.