Marketing that is integrated, is totally connected for maximum reach, engagement and impact. 

Fully Integrated Marketing leads to more effective Marketing and better R.O.I. Integration allows for overall - as well as individual medium reporting - for performance measurement, insights and learnings. 

BEAM’S Integrated Marketing

Understanding the need for seamless branding and marketing integration – BEAM unifies brand's communications and advertising across all available channels from websites to print to social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & so on) and beyond.

The strength of a brand’s integrity is its memorability which relies on the sum of all points of contact being consistent. From the consumer’s perspective, hearing and seeing the same message applied consistently but tailored to each medium, helps the consumer become familiar with brands to build trust and engagement/sales.

Why Integrated Marketing is valuable for brands

Overall Marketing as well as ad campaigns, need to be integrated and connected. This is where BEAM comes in. 

Fully Integrated Marketing leads to more effective marketing and better R.O.I. Integration allows for overall - as well as individual medium reporting - that is measured for performance, insights & learnings.

BEAM reviews strategies, creates creative campaigns, manages and monitors digital advertising and content marketing and reports results. Integration leads to: 

  1. Increased brand awareness across multiple marketing and digital channels
  2. Greater reach, frequency & ‘share-ability’
  3. Ensures multiple brand touchpoints for each audience to increase memorability and engagement 
  4. Provides responsive marketing that can adjust to what performs & resonates best
  5. Provide accountable reporting for each campaign and marketing channel, such as: traffic and conversions; click-thru’s, audience engagement, shares, likes, comments, as well as demographic & interest measures, downloads, and even product purchases.

Like to know how we took a large construction firm from 4% to over 40% conversion of sales with Integrated Marketing?

We Integrate brands
big & small...

Brands – with budgets of any size, benefit from strategic integration and consistent branding and messages.

BEAM’s client ‘SunSpray’ a 24 Hour Tanning Salon’s Integrated Marketing Campaign example (below) to drive awareness and membership registrations. 

Beam Sunspray Seasonspass


SunSpray’s objective was to increase take up of memberships. Previous campaign’s success instigated repeat of their tan as a purchase incentive. BEAM developed the “Seasons Pass” campaign - to be used in Spring & Summer and for all occasions of Spring Racing, weddings, Christmas parties & New Year’s functions. Integration of the campaign was seamless and consistent across all channels including website, social media and advertising, POS brochures, posters, and external signage.

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