BEAM's Spotlight critically assesses your market, competitors, & your brand to determine opportunities for a competitive advantage.

BEAM's Spotlight critically assesses your market, competitors, and your brand to determine opportunities for a competitive advantage.

AIM: To create a strong brand that is differentiated from your competitors, will resonate with your key customers and has a clear marketing plan to achieve your business goals.

What's covered


  • Shape your brand’s unique properties (for greater differentiation)
  • Obtain a clear Marketing and Branding Road Map to get ahead of your competitors and reinvigorate your brand and marketing
  • Redefine your values, purpose & business goals
  • Define your brand’s DNA
  • Analysis of your competitors, their tactics and your brand’s positioning and marketing performance compared to your competitors
  • Review of current brand values, vision & purpose
  • Assess your current marketing collateral, key messages & visual communications and their relevance compared to competitors
  • Recommendation Road Map of actions – Quick Wins plus 6 & 12 month considerations, costs and timing

About BEAM Spotlight Package

BEAM Spotlight is designed to put your brand under a microscope.
Spotlight gives great insights not only into your brand, but also your competition and customers. A final report provides recommendations and a Road Map to drive your future marketing.

What's included...

  • Full online & brand competitor review of up to 5 competitors - with a comprehensive REPORT break down of how your brand compares to them. Their position in the market, digital marketing activities, brand appeal, plus a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) profile.
  • Half Day 'brand workshop' To uncover the who, what, why of your own brand. Its target audience(s), key messages, ways to differentiate and cut through the market, discuss improvements of the brand from its appeal, right through to engagement stages.
  • Another half day presentation meeting to present our findings and recommendations to the Management and/or Sales team.

What some our clients say about Spotlight...

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