Marketing that is truly connected, integrated and highly effective.

For marketing to be effective, it must be properly integrated. Introducing the world’s No.1 Inbound & CRM system – HubSpot - for better cut-through, performance & measurement.

Traditional, outbound marketing is redundant

Buyers have greater choice than ever before and all available at the swipe of a finger. Consumers are seeing and hearing more advertising messages and campaigns at rates 4x that of 10 years ago. Consumers are increasingly purchasing savvy and are tuning out of traditional marketing and sales tactics that are impersonal and disruptive.

Inbound marketing, however, turns your website into a magnet and pulls the right type of customers towards your products/services by aligning your content with their interests.

Inbound marketing is permission-based, which is intuitive and lead nurturing

At the heart of inbound marketing is a website with relevant content for your customers, optimised for search engines and shared on social media, e-communications and other digital media. Prospects are then attracted via online searches, engaged with landing pages geared with calls to action, followed through with personalised emails that are automated that lead nurture your leads to sales.

A website not geared with rich content and supported with an inbound marketing system minimises your businesses' ability to attract potential customers.

Watch this short video below which explains how integrated and inbound marketing works. 

Hubspot takes Inbound Marketing to the next level!

Hubspot is more than just a CRM. It has the power to build and integrate marketing assets - social media tools, blogs, marketing automation, email marketing, landing pages, and web analytics in an integrated way for enhanced effectiveness, measure-ability and accountability for ROI.  

Inbound Marketing

The 4 Pillars of Inbound:

 1. The Attract Stage

Using content such as blog posts, e-books, downloadable PDF's, videos which are shared in social and search optimised to attract your potential customers while they are in 'research or consideration phases' of a buying cycle. 

2. The Convert Stage

After due consideration, potential customers are now choosing solutions to solve their problem, needs or wants.  Landing pages or 'conversion pages' come into play at this stage and lead them to sign up, download or buy, thereby turning your traffic into leads with powerful offers.

3. The Close Stage

Now that you've provided all the great solution-to-problem material and also stated why your business or brand is a good fit for them, you can now utilise all the great sales material and lead nurturing systems to close that deal! 

4. The Delight Stage

At this stage, your leads are now your customers and inbound aims to keep them there with loyalty and ongoing engagement practices. With HubSpot, we can collect information they share so you can help them with issues that matter most to them.


Pillars of Inbound Marketing

Key benefits of BEAM with Hubspot:

  • Complete transparency & insights – every customer or prospect that is on your website, reading your blogs and emails
  • Comprehensive statistics that track every part of your marketing mix; blogs, emails, landing pages, social media 
  • Integrated CRM system - track names of when marketing is being opened. Use CRM data to assess customer buying cycle stages
  • Return on investment data to assess all marketing efforts
  • Reduced spend for multiple marketing platforms – such as Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Campaign Monitor etc – HubSpot does it all in one portal!
  • SMART Goals. All designed to make sure your the content is turning into traffic, greater awareness, leads and sales!
  • Lead scoring for customers – great for e-commerce sites and service industries
  • Fully certified agency and team
  • Local team and support directly from HubSpot staff 

Like to know more about Integrated Marketing or HubSpot & how it can drives leads to your business?

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